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Wednesday, 27 December 06

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I hope you all had a pleasant Christmas. I don’t even know what day it is today -and that is a wonderful feeling. I have a hunch that it’s Wednesday. Was yesterday Christmas or the day after Christmas? I can’t remember.  

: )

 Anyway, if it is indeed Wednesday, then that means I leave for Africa in exactly one week. Please pray for a safe flight. I always get nervous before flying for long periods of time. Its even worse when it’s a flight over the ocean. So, I’ve found myself contemplating death and heaven the past few days. Stop laughing, I really have!

And that always leaves me feeling kinda confused and scared of what I don’t know or understand. But today I got an email from a friend and it was surprisingly all about death and going to heaven.

The story is about a critically ill man who says to his doctor one day before leaving to go home, “Doctor, I’m scared to die. What’s on the other side of this life?” To which the doctor replies, “I don’t really know.” The man asks, “But aren’t you a religious man? What is it that you believe?” At that moment, there is scratching at the door and when it opens, the doctor’s pet dog runs in and jumps into the arms of his owner. The doctor, in a moment of sheer revelation, suddenly has his explanation of heaven.

“My dog has never been on the other side of that door. He’s never been in this office. But when the door was opened, he knew that his master was on the other side, and in excitement he ran through. That should be enough for us. We may not know all about death or what heaven will be like, but it is enough to know that our Master is on the other side, waiting with open arms.”

It’s just a little story. But it certainly proves a good point, at least to me. Heaven is only scary if I try to wrap my human brain around it. All I really need to do is trust that what God says is true is indeed true. That when I get to heaven, I will be closer to God than I have ever been here on earth. So death is something that, in the words of Paul, should be considered gain. We get to be with Jesus!

So, as I fly, I will not fear emergency landings in the Atlantic, or terrorist attacks… or anything like that. The only thing I dread is being on a plane for 19 hours. That should be fun. What is a person to do on a 19-hour flight anyway?


money Saturday, 23 December 06

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It just keeps flowing in!!!

In the words of a good friend (Anna), “Can I just tell you how amazing God is?” Can I?

According to my finance manager aka Mom, I have a little over $4,000 right now for my trip. That’s basically everything save the plane ticket! God is so amazing and so completely faithful! Just thought I’d share that because mostly he’s shown himself faithful through the love and generosity of you all.


in a little less than two weeks… Thursday, 21 December 06

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…I will be sitting on an airplane heading to South Africa.

It seems unreal right now. I am at home, typing on our oh-so-slow computer, having just finished an episode of Friends on TV with my dad. Christmas is in FOUR days. (Speaking of which, I need to start getting gift ideas…)
I’m sure it won’t really hit me until I get off the plane in South Africa- when I realize that I know a grand total of 2 people…on the entire contintent of Africa! What a crazy feeling that’ll be. I’ll let you know what it’s like.
I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control. He is in control of my Visa, my packing, my 19-hour flight, and of course, my friendships back home. That is something that I’ve been preoccupied with this entire day. I cannot seem to stop thinking about the relationships that have begun to grow this past semester at Grove City. It is a lot harder to say “good-bye” than I would’ve imagined. It’s quite possibly the worst feeling in the world. Yes, I think it is.
I had a great conversation with my friend, Christine, the other day and we talked about letting go of people we love. Never an easy thing, but almost always the inevitable when it comes to loving people. People move in and out of our lives and most of the time we can’t do a thing about it! But we can’t let that stop us from loving outrageously (as my roommate, Ash, would say).
I guess it’s fair to say, then, that I am learning how to say good-bye to people and leave them in God’s hands. Learning to surrender. Learning to trust that He really does know what’s best.
I’m excited to see what else God has to teach me in the next six months…