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the beginning Friday, 29 June 07

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I guess just because I am back from Africa doesn’t mean that I can’t keep writing. After all, there’s a lot to write. So, I’ve changed the title heading which used to read “Live from South Africa”. I briefly considered “Live from Ashburn”, but decided against it.

I don’t actually have anything brilliant or earth-shattering to write today. So if you are looking to read something that will change your life, I apologize. This isn’t it. Try checking back a bit later… who knows, I may have some amazing thoughts in a few days.

Oh, but I will do this: I’ll recommend the book Velvet Elvis to you. I’ve been recommending it to everyone and their mom lately. And I will even go so far as to say that it actually will change your life. $15 at Borders for all you Americans! (I know because i just bought a copy earlier this morning) Go get yourself a copy.

Rob Bell really ought to pay me for promoting his book.


One Response to “the beginning”

  1. your English friend Says:

    kudos to you for continuing your blog…as i told you, i check it compulsively, haha, so i’m excited to know there will be more posts in your future. and i agree, rob bell, rocks my socks off (what the heck does that phrase mean really? i think it’s just silly)

    much love to you my dear.

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